There’s Something Wrong Here. Advertising Age’s This Week’s Print Issue: The Digital Issue

Advertising Age: This Week's Print Issue: The Digital Issue

I don’t usually go to the landing page of Advertising Age, but when I saw this I had to take a screen shot of it. On display is their print issue displayed online that is talking about their digital issue. It seems kinda strange. But what’s more indicative of a print medium still not totally getting it is that when a reader visits the landing page, is there anything that a person is wanting to click on? It looks like everything is a hyper link as there’s things being underlined everywhere. Inside the issue they talk about online stuff (full disclosure, I haven’t actually clicked on anything yet), yet they don’t even know how to display online stuff themselves. Maybe this time next year when the print issue dedicates one entire issue to digital (shouldn’t it be the other way around) that they’ll release a new site that takes online into consideration.

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  • paulopereira

    I totally agree! I rarely go to their website for that main reason. Everything is a hyper link and I never know what to click on first. And I can not stand seeing things underlined on websites. (Unless it's used to bring attention for a specific reason in a huge paragraph or used for a specific reason).

    I do find it ironic that Advertising Age has articles that are very critical of companies that move onto the web and then critique them for having either a bad functioning site or points out how bad that companies website looks – but they never seem to take their own advice.