IDEO Method Cards App on the iPhone

IDEO Method CardsIDEO Method CardsIDEO Method CardsIDEO Method Cards

It still amazes me how the iPhone and apps have completely changed how information can be distributed. And it’s really easy to take it for granted too—no big deal anymore, apps are just apps right? Why I think it is still worth mentioning was last night I came across IDEO’s Method Cards as an app. They’re cards that have a bunch of different exercises to think about design, process and spark ideas. I don’t recall how much those cards cost to buy as a “thing”, but it never really excited me that much to order them and have to wait for the shipping. Contrast that to me being able to sample a couple cards before I bought the whole set for $4.99. Instantly I have access to something that I can carry in my pocket that only a couple years ago was available on paper. That easy access is pretty exciting to me.

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