How do you write a post?


Typically when I start writing a blog post I’ll open up Word Press to get things started. I’ll just use their editing window pushing my ideas out. I thought that was how most people published until I talked recently to another writer who mentioned that she uses text edit. She also mentioned that there’s other blogging tools like MarsEdit. Apparently it plugs into WordPress though I couldn’t get it to work with my old version of version. In any case I’ve been using OmmWriter for a couple projects which has an elegant canvas to write with. So as I continue evolving how Design Notes is used, I’ll try to pull away from just using the WP UI and observe how my writing changes (hopefully for the better).

For those that publish online, what sort of process do you go through? Is it simply opening up the blog and writing, or do you use a different format and copy + paste the text in afterwards?

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  • djrange

    Depending on the length of the post, I have two different approaches. As I write a lot, I mainly use MS Word for basically everything that's over 1000 words. Anything under that, I stick to the WP interface. Sometimes I'll use Notepad.

    When I only want to concentrate on writing, I disconnect from the internet or close my browser.

  • Gil

    Like you it depends on the length of the article and where it's going.

    If it's something long like a full feature or book review I'll usually do it through Google Docs as I can edit it from just about anywhere then and send & share it to anyone else who might be collaborating or proof reading it. So in those cases it's really easy for me to keep track of any changes and revisions though when I copy it back in the WPUI, somethings the format goes a bit skew-wiff.

    Anything short and punchy though, I use ecto, a mac based blogging app that makes spell checking, uploading images and bringing in flickr and Amazon associates content in, super easy though sometime's it does seem to have a mind of it's own—once or twice not saving a post which is very annoying.

  • jennsteinhauer

    To be honest, I handwrite most of mine while lying in bed with a scotch or cocoa. It gives my eyes a rest from the computer while still working. 🙂 When I'm done, I type it directly into WordPress.

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