Recording a Normal Week One Photograph at a Time


A couple weeks ago I received an interesting invitation out of the blue. Kevin Boothe who currently is in Paris on an exchange with Parsons and OCAD asked me if I wanted to be a part of his series titled Weeklies. While the concept manifests itself in a number of ways, Kevin asked me to record one photo a day for a week. The kicker was that I couldn’t put it up on Flickr or show it publicly until he posted it. It’s a bit strange I realize but I like throwing things up online. In any case the week I chose to document was my last normal week at Daylife before I decided to give notice. It had a bit more meaning than an average working week because after I let the start up know I was moving on, things wouldn’t be the same. And afterwards it was a bit uncomfortable experience at times—but I digress. In any case I wanted to show a typical week, starting off with a morning view, a couple different work views, some walking home from hanging out with friend’s images and the crazy snowstorm weather that hit New York. And the water shot was from Toronto as I flew there to update my visa. You can view my contribution to Weeklies at It was a great project to be a part of and I highly recommend people taking the time every once in a while to stop and shoot a typical week to see what their environment is. I’ll probably do that from time to time myself.

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