Another Person Suggesting It is Time to Rethink Design

Time to Rethink Design

This morning in my email in box I received an email from David Report mentioning their report “Time to Rethink Design”. I have to admit that I’ve only skimmed it very quickly but here’s my initial gut reaction when I hear claims about rethinking design. It’s a pretty old question that has been put forward for at least twenty years if not longer. I don’t really take issue with people wanting to throw questions out about design but I’m starting to get tired of every couple months someone coming along suggesting that design needs to be saved and they have the answer. Design by it’s very nature is an ongoing evolution and is splitting up all the time into new categories that are sometimes pretty unrecognizable while other times generalized to the pov that everything is design. If a category fits for a designer—great for them. If thinking about design from every perspective is something you’re interested in, maybe check out David Report, but I wonder if those that are busy doing don’t necessarily have the time to be talking ie. they’re actually doing stuff about it as opposed to reporting on it. I suppose I could make a comment about a vodka brand advertising on their site too—but I’ll let people that visit their site make up their own minds if there might be conflicting signals there…

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