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Talking with John Gaucher (who happens to be a pretty good photographer) a while back, I asked him what he was looking at in terms of photo magazines as I’m always interested in what others are reading. I tend to avoid the photo section of the magazine shop as a lot of them tend to be cheesy, classless or a combination of the two. One magazine he assured me of being worth the read is pdn. After picking it up the next day (March 2005), I was appreciative of the suggestion.

There’s a nice balance between showing great images, background on technique and stories that are just interesting that any creative can can learn from. The cover story suggests 30 emerging photographers to watch. Canadian’s include Farah Nosh and one of my favs Mark Zibert. Other articles include pitching stories and a review of why the best print advertising is coming from Dutch Ad agencies — it’s funny how they’re suggesting that this is a new phenomenon. I think it’s been like that for more years then I’ve been alive…

pdn also has a strong online presence too. expands digitally how you would want it to. Without the constraints attributed to print — there’s more images to view and articles to read.

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