On Using Flavors.me as a Portfolio Site



Last night I was asked about Flavors.me and how I liked using it, specifically about using it as a portfolio site. What Flavors.me provides is an easy way to collect any number of social sites that people use to publish content. I have Design Notes and Link Drop Today connected there, along with Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube and using their RSS connection, Delicious. As a one stop place it works really well—much better than just showing the icons because a person can browse each of those site’s content on the same page.

Currently the only way people can find the site directly (as far as I know) is from my Twitter profile or if I send a person there directly via a link. It’s actually why I started using the service because I could point people that were checking up on me on Twitter. Previously I just pointed people to Design Notes from Twitter but figured that by giving more options was better. It’s hard to say what kind of impact it has had on each of my sites, but as a starting point it works fine.

But would I put more energy into a portfolio site revamp or Flavors.me account—I suppose why not both? The UI for Flavors.me is really simple to use and most people could easily put up a site in less than thirty minutes. What I wouldn’t rely on Flavors.me to provide is any SEO juice. It’s great to pointing to other things but I wouldn’t expect that alone to land me a great project. I’d build a foundation layer based on a cms tool like WordPress or a stand alone name site and expand outward using other sites to push out information that a person wants to share. Unconventional platforms that I’ve seen being used for portfolios are Google Maps, Flickr, Tumblr and there’s also Indexhibit. Each provide a unique viewing experience but probably should be used together opposed to depending on just one site for people to come visit and stay interested.

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  • http://flavors.me/adampoole Adam Poole

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the heads up on flavors.me, haven't come across this before. I went straight to it and set my own page up in no time at all. It's pretty slick and seamless and another (free) way to have some presence on the web. In terms of portfolio sites, I think coroflot has it in the bag, especially for SEO as you get a lot of traffic driven your way, especially if any work gets featured.


  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Right—totally forgot to mention sites like Coroflot and Design Related among other sites that host portfolios.

  • Anonymous

    great post:)

  • Marcela

    I totally agree with you. Sometimes I wish Flavors.me had more options to modify the layout, like tools to change the columns width, heigh and position or like an option to make the background a slideshow of images, but it’s simple, fast and it’s a hub of all you have – and that’s great.