The 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps

I think I’ve watched The 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps a handful of times. If you do anything work wise that is related to being online, screen based or mobile (or likely all of the above), you’ve probably come across this video. But if you haven’t I’d push play and listen.

These are the ten principles that Fred outlines:

01. Speed
02. Instant Utility
03. Software is Media
04. Less is More
05. Make it Programmable
06. Make it Personal
07. RESTful
08. Discoverabilty
09. Clean
10. Playful

They all make sense to me but there’s one catch. While I think a lot of companies should aspire and be mindful of those principles, they work for right now. They’re not timeless. What is working today is def. not going to be working this time next year and probably in a couple months if a company is going to make steps to be successful they’ll need to plan for what comes after those steps. So the kicker is while these things are worth listening to and worth trying to be an advocate for, they’re a only one step that is almost old.

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