Visual Culture over the Weekend


Brick by Brick: the LEGO Brick sculpture of Nathan Sawaya

DQ Chairs

Taking advantage of the great NYC weather last weekend I was out and about as much as possible. Above are a couple things that I saw that caught my eye. It would be impossible to make much of a pattern from this aside from a couple of these things reminded me of years ago when I was much younger, and stuff that I think is cool while also showing the power of design that in some ways is timeless.

The first image was shot on the wall of my friend byAMT in her new studio in Soho. There’s a necklace and a couple rings. I really liked the flat geometric details of it. I’m curious to see how it looks on someone live.

The Lego image is from Brick by Brick: the LEGO Brick sculpture of Nathan Sawaya that I saw at the Agora Gallery. While they didn’t allow any photography I did manage to shoot this while they weren’t looking. There was a line up when I showed up on Saturday so if it’s something that might interest you to see, maybe head there early in the morning.

The last image is a couple seats from Dairy Queen. I still enjoy seeing stuff like this because the shape is so ingrained in my personal culture that I instantly knew where it came from.

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