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Over the weekend I saw The Secret in Their Eyes (highly recommend it) at Angelika. Typically like most people that don’t want to be dissapointed by standing in line I bought my ticket ahead of time. But unlike other times that I’ve bought my ticket online, I had the option of having the ticket sent to me via mobile. Having never used the option before I figured why not try it, especially with articles from NYT Web Coupons Know Lots About You, and They Tell and Apply thinking about stuff like this Apple Introduces us to a New iTunes “Concert Ticket +” System popping up these days.

Having never used a QR code as a ticket I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. A friend of mine had to buy a ticket so I stood with her and asked the guy behind the glass. At first he was slightly confused as to what was on my iPhone screen. After a couple seconds of thinking he basically said just go inside and they’ll scan it. As I walked to the entrance I was kind of wondering if this was actually going to work. Everyone in front of me was using paper and I just had my iPhone. Once I got to the ticket person I mentioned that I had the ticket on screen. She was cool with that and pulled out a scanner and printed off a piece of paper so I could get back in if I exited.

It was a pretty seamless process and I would use the mobile QR code again if I had the option. But as a first time experience I wasn’t really sure what to expect. There’s a couple small things that any business that want’s to start going paperless should consider. The designer in me thinks that a simple awareness sign might do the trick. It could explain the procedure of what steps are involved while also advertise to those unaware that such an option is available. Those steps could also be displayed in the email confirmation mentioning that a mobile ticket is available. That would have helped alleviated my first time confusion. I’d also clean up the typography with the actual QR code, I barely scanned the info that could have been made readable with a couple line breaks and bold text to highlight things.

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  • Oleg

    You're right, mobile tickets and QR codes offer a seamless process. I see you can now check QR code tickets with an iPhone. That's right, instead of a scanner the girl at Angelika could have pulled out an iPhone and scanned the code off your iPhone. Check out and qrickets app in app store.

  • lauren puglia

    i feel so old school having bought a hard ticket!

  • michaelsurtees

    ha, you're just being retro!

  • jonsel

    How does QR code differ from a traditional UPC-like barcode? Is it more suitable for digital/mobile apps?

    Have you ever used the WalletZero app? It takes your various discount/frequent shopper cards and stores their barcodes on your phone. I call it up and the check out clerk scans it in. No need to carry those plastic cards anymore. It's supposed to work for my gym as well, but they want a photo ID, so it's not enough to just have the code.

    I wonder if this would work for things like concert and sporting events. Yankee Stadium scans my ticket barcode to let me in. Why couldn't they scan my phone screen? Think of all the paper that would save – no more tickets!