Why I’m evolving Design Notes to Design Noted

Design Notes is now Design Noted

I’ve decided to stop publishing Design Notes as it currently is. I’ve wanted to evolve what the blog was for a while now. I’ve been testing out a couple ideas for the past couple of months. I tried a new site for Link Drop Today, and recently started asking people about a name change for Design Notes and my name. What I learned from those exercises is that I don’t have enough time to publish two sites and that Design Notes does have some brand equity. Unfortunately when I started five years ago with that name, I was the only using both design + notes. I can now think of a handful of sites that use a similar combination. Believe it or not, the blog name has evolved every couple years. When I originally started five years ago it was d*notes and over time it changed to DesignNotes and Design Notes. With a shift in focus I wanted Design Notes to be about my own ideas and use Link Drop Today as a venue to show and discuss other people’s stuff. With Link Drop Today I was able to experiment with a couple other ways to push content through posts, pages and rail items. What I learned as I was working with that site is that it takes a lot of time to publish two sites.

While that was all going on I also evolved my work environment. I left Daylife and am now enjoying my time at Behavior. Changing my pace of work has affected when and how I publish. Because of that change I’ve been trying to figure out the best way for me to continue writing and observing.

I’ve decided once again to evolve the name. Design Notes is now Design Noted. It’s a subtle change in direction that reflects a maturing of what I want to explore about design, experience and observation. Design Noted has a new beta site that I will use as my main outlet to publish now. Over time I will migrate posts from Design Notes to Design Noted. I will also be implementing a blog roll this week.

I’ve modified the template that I’m using for Design Noted quite a bit. I’m aware of a couple elements that aren’t completely lined up but if anything seems really funky on your browser, please let me know. I’m also hoping that any RSS issues that have plagued my old site will be fixed. So if RSS was your main way of visiting my site, thank you for your patience.

In a couple weeks I’ll throw out a new post asking for feedback. I’m using a new template and format so things will def. evolve in this next quarter. I’m not really sure what to expect, but I like the idea of moving forward in this direction.

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  • http://artandmobile.com Takayuki Fukatsu

    Congratulations fro your new site!
    Keep my fingers crossed 🙂