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Link Drop from May 22nd to June 4th 2010 | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Link Drop from May 22nd to June 4th 2010

link drop

Last week I ran out of time so this week I’ve included most of the non time sensitive links that I would have published last week. Time is flying by it seems, is it for you? I still remember when it was April and now it’s almost the middle of June. I’ve been following a lot of data vis. stuff along with a bit of tech which is sort of predictable at this point for me. What is slightly different is that I’ve amped up the visuals that I find interesting.


Really like how the shadow extend from the three dimensional type. More depth with happens with the watermarks on the wall.

aruliden x PUMA | CHALK Ping-Pong Table

Everyone is a fan of ping pong these days though people are getting creative with the design of the table as this example shows. I suspect a bit of the street and outdoor basketball courts influenced this design.

Bicycle Portraits ::: A Different Kind of Streetstyle in South Africa

Cool project that displays images of people and the bikes that they rely on for their livelihood in South Africa.

Restaurant has iPad waiters, Foursquare and Twitter tie-ins

For some reason this reminds me a bit of the places where you can buy everything via a vending machine. While I think it’s a bit of a gimmick I’d be curious to see how the actual experience goes.

The 7 ½ Steps to Successful Infographics

A good reference to keep in mind as a designer goes about their business creating a visualization.

Data Visualizations by Michael Paukner

While I’m not familiar with Michael Paukner’s work, from the samples displayed they look quite awesome.

Did Twitter censor the #flotilla hashtag following the Israel attack

Fascinating points being made about Twitter turning into a utility.

“Great Art, Thanks”

Nice addition to the art outside.

This is why brochures are going to die. Why bother creating a promo for things the like SVA Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome when all you have to do is visit Paul’s blog to see the unbelievable experience of what he’s up to on the tour.

LOST Artwork

I’m not a huge fan of Lost, but maybe you are. Cool posters from Mattson Creative.

More design smartness from David…

The Dichotomy Of Distraction

This is one of those posts that kind of makes sense. It’s really easy to get distracted so people can put off the unfun things that they have to do.

5 Incomprehensible NYT Infographics We Wish We Understood

It is kind of easy to take for granted that the visualizations that the NYT publishes makes sense, because they usually do. However when there’s a collection put together, things don’t always make as much sense after a first glance.

Are We Post-Digital Yet?

We might be post digital but pre broadband streaming of digital content.

Huge Gap Remains Between Mainstream Media and the Social Web

Interesting to note what is popular on one social network might not find that much interest on a different network.

How Marina Abramovic’s Red-Velvet Rope at MoMA Works

The show might be over but it’s still interesting to read how some people get to the front of the line at MoMA.

An Early Triumph in Information Design

I figured I didn’t include enough information design stuff already so included this from the NYT too.

Google TV Preview: The Mom Test and the Nerd Test

Focus groups might not be the answer but asking a mom and a nerd might be.

Toy Story: Ghost Girl

Cool to see this flat dimensional image turn into a 3D character.

The Macallan Blog

I was passed along a press release from some people that are representing Macallan. I like scotch so I figured why not? The blog documents photographer Albert Watson shooting the Macallan. The photos are nice but what intrigued me was the aaudio map component.

When the sharer becomes as important as the content itself

I think this comes down to the people you trust to pass along news and information. A person is more likely to follow someone they know when they share information as opposed to not knowing someone.

Proximity Wormholes: How the Social Web Enables Intimacy at Scale

A break down of social scale.

EW’s Must-See Must List

A decent description of an app that a publisher has created for the iPad.

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