Today, 27 April, is World Graphics Day

This special day is being celebrated around the world by design associations and individuals (events such as tree plantings, gatherings of peers, etc.) It was on this day in 1963 that Icograda was formed in London. The Friends of Icograda Listserv has been buzzing today with exchanges between designers in Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


27 April is also a day of special significance in South Africa – I thought I’d share with you a message I just received from Icograda’s president elect, Jacques Lange, from Pretoria:

South African designers are lucky enough to have a public holiday to celebrate, because not only is it World Graphics Day but also Freedom Day. It is on this day in 1994 that 44 million citizens had the first opportunity cast a vote in a democratic government election. Freedom and graphic design – what a wonderfully significant symbolic combination!

We designers (and Icogradians in particular) have a responsibility to spread the word of freedom in a peaceful manner to our professional compatriots and fellow world citizens. While we celebrate Icograda’s birthday, may we also spare some thoughts for, and take action to assist in the plight of those who do not have what we have. May the words of Nelson Mandela inspire us all: “I cannot rest until I am certain that the global response is sufficient to turn the tide.”


And from ‘Idaho Stu’ Alden in Denver:

I sit at my desk this morning pondering many things. And often wonder who I
would be if I weren’t a graphic designer and photographer. I think we all
have amazing lives because of this thing we call design. And for all of us
it is something slightly different. Which is part of it’s joy – and perhaps
at times the frustration. But because we all love it so much we keeping
working at it and making it better. Defining it for new generations to take
and evolve.

via Robert L. Peters

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