Examining my 5 Device Command Center to Watch the World Cup

Five screen command center for the World Cup

Command Center Devices for World Cup

I’m not sure what happened. I started watching the World Cup saturday morning and before I knew it, I had two laptops, an iPad and iPhone all running something related to the game. I never really designed it that way. It just happened. I think for something like a five+ screen command center to work, most of the screens need to have a primary focus and a secondary app. For all the mac stuff (4 out of 5 devices), I could basically do the same thing switching stuff up. The only thing that I couldn’t do from with my iPad & iPhone was stream video from Univision. But for programs like TweetDeck and other basic stuff like reading stats it was easy to switch from one device to the other if I needed to.

The most surprising thing to note was the streaming video delay. The video online tended to be twenty to thirty seconds behind. What I noticed as I watched the match is if I wanted to see a replay of a live event, I would turn my head to the laptop that had the game on. I could see the play build up without having to wait for a live replay. It’s a bit strange but a really cool feature that I found myself using a lot.

Primary focus: Live game, for some games I would listen to it, other times I’d turn the volume off and listen to it in spanish.

MacBook Pro Left
Primary focus: Streaming game from Univision. Commentary is in spanish which I find actually more interesting than the english stuff. There’s a liveliness that the english version lacks. There’s also a twenty to thirty second delay that in theory should be a hinderance to the experience. However if I want to watch a replay of a great moment I don’t have to wait for the live tv. I just take a look at the left laptop and see it played out live. Because I don’t understand spanish the difference in time really isn’t an issue. Secondary: I’d check TweetDeck if MacBook Pro Right was being used for email.

MacBook Pro Right
Primary purpose: Streaming TweetDeck. There were a couple times when I found that I had to quit and start TweetDeck up again to flow live tweets. Secondary: I’d check and send emails.

Primary purpose: looking at stats from Total Football, favourite section is passing where I can see patterns develop and filter by time. Secondary: Texting and Foursquare.

Primary purpose: Reading stuff from Pulse app. Secondary:Looking at other RSS feed readers like Reeder and FeeddlerPro. I’d also look at web sites on Safari.

Next steps
A command center like this is pretty cool though if I was having a party I’m not sure how much fun I would be. I would probably be too enthralled with all the devices throwing information at me. Comparing home use to outside use—I’m also not sure how my info habits will change this morning when I head out to check out Netherlands v Denmark at a pub. I’m only going to have my iPhone with me. I’ll be studying how my habits change when one of the devices leaves the mothership.

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  • http://swisscheeseandbullets.com/ Daniel

    I watched with just a big telly, lots of beer and tweetie on the iPhone: http://swisscheeseandbullets.com/post/691536726

    Although I did manage to miss the second goal because I was reading reading other people's reactions to the first (stupid ironic technology … ), I found the experience of watching the match was improved greatly by having Twitter by my side the whole time.

    The 1980s kid in me was a bit excited about the whole thing, as if catching a glimpse of the future: I was watching the match on a telly bigger than my first bedroom whilst receiving a live commentary from (amongst others) David Bowie's son, one of Fry & Laurie, one of the Oink! writers, the kid from Stand By Me and my hero of heroes, cartoonist Lew Stringer. And some actual real-life friends.

  • Dave

    I watched with a bunch of loud, drunk and fabulous friends. Call me old school, but it's good enough for me.

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Totally fair comment. I saw the first Dutch game early morning in a pub. I probably would have had a pint or three if it hadn't been a work day. Sharing the experience of a match with friends really can't be replaced by technology. However if I'm watching the game by myself this is a superior experience to anything I've done before.

  • http://youngandbrilliant.net ninakix

    Hah, I love doing stuff like this. Probably terrible for my multitasking brain, but whatever. My mom used to yell at me when I was younger for attempting to do stuff like this with my two computers…

  • http://sashahalima.com/blog/ Sasha H. Muradali

    hahaha, I love this post!

    That looks like me recently during one of the games 🙂