Questions And Answers Directory Via Twitter Conversations—Where Is This Site?

When a question arises, what’s one of the first things a person that spends a bit of time online will say? “I’ll just ask Twitter” is one of those thought bubbles that pops up. Why search the web when you can ask a real person? The person likely to respond is someone that they know (somewhat) and probably share the same interests. I’ve typed in a question many times getting a pretty good response within a couple minutes. As bad as Twitter is for trying to find something a day old, why isn’t there a directory of questions and answers out there based on Twitter conversations? Maybe there already is and I have come across it yet. The scale for such a thing would be huge and there’d almost have to be an infinite number of filters, but I suspect with the right balance it could be a helpful tool.

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  • El Heller

    Aardvark ( let's you ask questions via twitter, but the answers are stored/posted on it's site.