Returning to Regular Blog Posts Soon

Post No Bills

I didn’t plan on taking a break from posting for a couple weeks. My last post was from June 23rd—a couple things happened that made me stop posting. I started changing my morning schedule and the World Cup happened. Lately I’ve been trying to cram a lot of stuff into my mornings. With added adventures there was no time to post. I’ve been thinking a lot about design, just not in a public space. I’ve been working on a couple podcasts with a colleague and trying to meet people in person as opposed to just talking via Twitter. I’ve also made a new push on trying to stay in shape. I walk a lot but wanted to take advantage of my quick commute to work. It takes less than five minutes to walk to Behavior from my apartment. Because of that I can fit in work out time. Ironically though there hasn’t been enough time to post.

Now that the World Cup is over I think there’s going to be some time freed up to write more. One feature of the blog has been Link Drop which I keep going back and forth about. Part of me wants to continue posting links while another part of me feels that I can push more links out via Twitter. I’m starting to feel that collecting all those links and images in one post is not worth the effort. It will be an ongoing experiment as to what I’ll do. I also like writing more about what is in front of me, the people I’m meeting and talking with and observing what I’m reacting to. Links just don’t do that for me.

This week I’m going to post a couple book reviews as a way to get back into things. If you’ve been checking lately wondering what has been up with the the blog—I’ve just been busy outside of Word Press. But now that I don’t have to think about soccer anymore I think I can post a couple times a week. Thanks for coming back. I also think I need to redesign this site—but I’ll leave that for a new post soon.

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