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Spending time with 3D Typography, I did wonder as a book that is intended to be looked at (and read) I wanted to question how it would compare with what I might see on blogs that deal with typography. As I flipped through the book for the first time there were a couple things I recognized. That wasn’t a coincidence as the authors in their intro described their reason for creating the book. As they collected images of inspiration for a magazine they realized they had enough material for a book. I’m assuming that most of that inspiration was found on websites.

As I read the captions, looked at the images and read the interviews at the back of the book I did ask myself if this needed to be a book when in reality I could probably find most of this stuff on my own. For the effort involved I do think that this book helps save a ton of time it would have taken me. I also think that this book captured something that most books dealing with images found on the internet miss on—timelessness. Timelessness is a word that really isn’t popular these days though I could easily see myself looking at this book in a couple years and it would probably will still feel relevant.

As for categorization it is interesting to note that the people in the book are considered artists, illustrators, and typographers. Because I’m coming in to the book as a designer it gave me perspective that I don’t necessarily see in my own practical world. With that said—who should read this book? Because I spend way too much time with screens, it makes sense for those design people like to see outside of arial & georgia. The book will also interest those people looking to create more image driven narratives online and even those still in print that are making more conceptual driven work. If I was a typographer trying to make a new typeface I’m not sure this is the book for them. The book feels more like examples that would work for display stuff as opposed to text heavy faces.

Book: 3D Typography
Authors: Jeanette Abbink & Emily CM Anderson
Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher

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