The Living Lexicon

Sure, you can use google as a way to figure out if you spelled a word correctly. There’s Wikipedia, a living encylopedia that people can contribute and edit. It also just happens to be bigger then the Encyclop√¶dia Britannica. BUT there’s only one source that makes all this info interesting. Words and ideas that you couldn’t even imagine. You can find all this and more at Use the random button to find gems like this:

An exclamation of extreme displeasure, comperable to damnit. Can be combined with other words to emphasize distress.

Derived from episodes 12 and 13 of “Clone High”, in which John Stamos steals prom king from the principal.

“Stealth field, sucks to be you!”

“That city will never close.”

Source: Baity, Nov 5, 2004

People are encouraged to add a definition, add an image or add sound. The idea seems pretty interesting and is a good companion to the book Word Craft.

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