Some Recent Press & Four Years in NYC

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Fast Company: World Cup: How Are You Watching?

Perspective: Michael Surtees on User Experience within an Ecosystem of Screens

I celebrated a small victory this morning. Four years ago was my first full day in NYC. I moved from Edmonton, Alberta Canada after setting my sights here for about six years. It has been a truly crazy and exciting time with lots of ups and higher ups but rarely any regret. I can honestly say every single day has been completely different from every other day. Ironically I think I’ve said that each year around this time. I’ve been truly lucky to have a great group of people here that have been encouraging, motivating and inspiring. You know who you all are and I thank you.

It seems like I’ve been on a roll lately with some press. Above are a couple things that I’ve been up to. The most recent was an interview I did with Mobile Behavior. It was a really good opportunity to refresh my thinking on a number of design issues so I think I might expand on some of those ideas expressed in the discussion in the upcoming weeks.

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