New and Old Behavior with Power Outlet Plugs and Sockets

new wall plugs

old wall plugs

I’ve been noticing a trend around my own apartment in terms of plugs and sockets. Because I’m so reliant on battery power for both my iPhone and iPad (along with my MacBook Pro) I’ve realized that my plug and socket dynamics have shifted a bit. The second photo shows all the power cables that are connected to some older computer equipment. The top image represents a clean scenario that I have in four different outlets. The old behavior has tons of cables. Now there’s very few. Because of the wifi/network ability a couple cables are no longer needed, the fact that there isn’t a monitor tied down with the laptop kills another cable, no need for a printer so that kills another cable. The list could go on.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that the Apple power dock doesn’t really leave the outlet. I disconnect the cable occasionally but for the most part the first image represents how the cable stays day in and out. I wonder how long it will be before other fixtures become clutter free and kill so many cables that aren’t needed.

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