The culture of Red Antenna

Bouncing around from site to site, I came across Red Antenna. They’ve created their own culture and are using their means to be proactive to the outside world. If you buy into a system of music, fashion and art as key elements of a culture, Red Antenna has those all covered.

Point #3 of their rational is as follows: As designers, we are interested in pursuing projects that amount to more than a collection of pretty pictures. The design world is awash in portfolios that have tremendous style, but are they actively engaging viewers or impacting society? This is difficult to achieve and we have a ways to go, but it’s a worthy long-term goal.

Red Antenna is broken into six sections: design, music, discourse, artists, shop and information. Each section contains a lot of area for exploration. One of the projects that I liked in the design section was Project Moustache. It brings attention to the number of images an average person takes in daily. Someone changes the context slightly and a new message is brought forth. Music provides hours of listening pleasure. Their method of distribution is great. With one click I can be enjoying stuff that has a context if I choose to dig deeper.

If there’s one thing missing, it’s that I don’t have a clue as to when they update things. When I come back, how will I know what’s fresh? A simple mailing list keeping people up to date would alleviate that issue to those that already familiar with the site. For those new coming to the site, maybe a release date of when the content was placed live would be helpful. OK, their first page is a blog – and that’s probably where new stuff will be mentioned, but still… Aside from those minor points, Red Antenna seems like a site to watch.

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