White Label Mobile Check In’s to Enhance Events & Outdoor Experiences

This post is half recap, half collection of a couple mobile apps that found out about last night and how I saw things take off. I came across a post from Bob Lefsetz who typically writes about the music industry though occasionally brings something else into the mix. He was talking about a ski resort that was thinking more into the mobile future than anyone in the music industry. There was a lot of good points plus the attached video of the ski resort implementing check in’s was pretty smart. This was the quote I tweeted to link to his post:

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a resort company utilizes this concept before a music company?

A couple minutes later I looked at my stats from bit.ly to see how many people had clicked on it. At first I thought the number was an error but it turns out that Scobleizer rt’d it. It was fascinating to watch how the rt’s flew after that. Just like the post Visualizing How a Link Spreads Through the Twitterverse I was watching this happen in real time. Usually if someone passes along something I’ve mentioned things pop a tiny bit, this was a different magnitude.

The bigger deal in all this to me is the different type of services that offer check in’s. Some are trying to be all things to all businesses, while other’s are just for one particular market—in my example a a ski resort. I’m not sure who was behind the design of Epic Mix though I have a couple guesses. The video is quite compelling and covers a lot of angles that haven’t been completely thought out until now. A small but important feature is that they’ve also tried to solve the feature of kids checking in. The tech behind the service is already getting a lot of attention.

One other mobile check in service to take a look at to compare is Festival Crowd. I haven’t played with the service at all, it looks like it does speak to some of the features that Lefsetz was wanting. All these check in’s plus push to a third party is going to be the minimum very soon in terms of how busiesses and events become a better experience. The days of just having a listing of events as the site are over.

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