rodchenko in my bauhaus by candy chang

This song is the perfect start to the weekend. It’s strongly slanted towards those that know something about design, but even if you don’t, its still got a groove. Listen to rodchenko in my bauhaus.mp3, for more on the muzak superstar Candy Chang, go HERE

There’s also a great stream of tunes at Red Antenna Radio. With song titles like “Iron Worker #29” and “Barry White My Ass”, you can’t go wrong.

the Lyrics to Rodchenko in My Bauhaus by Candy Chang

Let’s turn the lights down low

Combine your art with my technology
Light the candles real slow
And put your hands on my typography

I want your Rodchenko in my Bauhaus (x4)

I’m hot for your marchine aesthetic
Let me Gropius your Stenberg brothers
I’m going to need a graphic medic
Because you turn my angles like no others

I want your Rodchenko in my Bauhaus (x4)

I’m going to comrade on your architecture
When you Lissitzky my Moholy-Nagy
Let’s werkbund up a steamy lecture
It’s time to make a love collage

I want your Rodchenko in my Bauhaus (x4)

An art form bold and clean

You’re a hot design machine
For the comrades we were born
Now put your function in my form

I want your Rodchenko in my Bauhaus (x4)

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