QR Code Replaced Long URL on Poster

noticed NYC TV Life using QR Code on bus stop billboard #walkingtoworktoday

This morning as I do every morning that I walk to work I try to capture a photo of something that caught my attention. Today I stopped to notice a poster that had QR code on the bottom of it. Up until now most of the QR code stuff that I’ve seen on ads has been pretty gimmicky—but something about the placement had me curious. Plus the poster was from nyc.gov so I figured it probably had more value than just a coupon.

The three images show the chronological order of events. First I saw the poster, hence photographed it. Once I uploaded the image to Flickr I pulled out iPhone and pointed it at the QR code. Once read a bit.ly url popped up so I opened the url on my MacBook Pro after I emailed myself the link. The link btw is http://nyc.gov/html/media/html/schedules/schedules.shtml#life_schedule Turns out that the link is for a schedule of events on a number of different NYC TV channels. Everything worked perfectly to get to the site however the schedule in terms of getting me interested was pretty low. For all the effort to get me to the site I would hope that they would take some time to make the schedule readable outside of an excel form. At the minimum, include an image with each of the headings, at the max give me some filtering options with descriptions.

While I’m scratching my head wondering why they didn’t make the entire experience great, I do have to mention that it is pretty rare that I take the effort to actually check the url on any poster.

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