Looking at Stranded Magazine & the Le Cool Travel Series

I had the pleasure of talking with Andrew Losowsky, the person behind Stranded: Stories from underneath the Icelandic Ashcloud, Stack America (something I’ve talked about in the past on the blog), and a great travel series of books among many other publications. Part of me wishes I had recorded the conversation as we went all over the place in terms of publishing, story telling, analytics & algorithms, artist in residencies, the iPad, urban signs and typefaces.

The main thing that I wanted to mention in the post was the publication of Stranded. Over the summer there was an incredibly unique situation in that people all over the world were stranded do to the volcano in Iceland. Andrew commisoned people all over to submit there stories, images of where they stayed and other contextual elements that would help share the story. I remember reading about the magazine but actually didn’t realize it was from Andrew until he mentioned it last night. Above are a couple images from the first printed copy taken in the dark lobby of Ace Hotel. The magazine is now available at Magcloud. An interesting fact to note is that most of the submissions came from New York, London and Tokyo. The situation was incredibly unique and the stories attached to the publication and a layer that news coverage really couldn’t get to.

The other set of images I uploaded here come from the beautifully designed series of travel books from Le Cool. Cities designed for include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Madrid. Part of it reminds me of an updated version of Colors magazine and a lot of great information design with maps and stories. It was the first that I had come across the series and thought to myself even if I wasn’t going to any of those cities I’d still find the stories interesting.

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