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OK—this isn’t much as a review as it is a sense of wanting to mention the attention to details that any designer could look at and be inspired. Marc Newson’s themed collection at Gagosian aptly titled Transportation shows off a number of great designs that up until now I’ve only seen as images. There’s a car, a plane, a personal jet pack, space ship, bike, surf board and a pair of shoes. While I don’t think any of the larger designs have been mass produced aside from the boat (which the gallery is selling 22 of…), the attention to each pice fitting together is nice. While everything feels “designed”, each piece doesn’t smack of ego. The form has been bent to Newson’s pov yet respects what the function needs to perform.

There’s a couple elements that industrial designers tend to overlook that I think Newson pays attention to. Typography and the information design that is presented. The Ford car has one of my favourite dashboard’s. There’s a larger version of the Ikepod embedded into the car. The type on the side of the boat and plane are other examples. They are enhanced do to the nature of the information presented. The only slip up is with the space ship—it’s awful, but one example isn’t going to ruin the whole experience.

The exhibit TRANSPORT runs from September 14 through October 16, 2010 at Gagosian 522 West 21st Street, NYC. I suspect I’ll make another visit or two before it ends.

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  • Brandon Ricci

    Still my favorite designer. ALways has a clear vision and not afraid of anything.