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LINK DROP: September 20th through 24th 2010 | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

LINK DROP: September 20th through 24th 2010

Link Drop 09.24.2010
This week was all about maps, I’m not entirely sure why but they kept popping up. Between measuring and tracking there was a lot to read about. On top of that maps seemed fork to other concerns like privacy and living. Next week is going to be kind of crazy for me so I’m curious to see what links find their way to me during the next seven days for Link Drop.

POPWUPING: The High-Tech Future of Travel
Welcome to the new, hyper-connected, technology-based travel paradigm. It’s the era of the smartphone as ubiquitous tool of navigation, when what matters is not just the here but the now.

PBS IDEA LAB: Open Data + Custom Maps = Better Afghan Election Monitoring
Sometimes just releasing the data and tools isn’t enough to accomplish your goal. Derivative products — like custom maps that visualize key data — extend the reach of data even further and help reach people who will never use complex tools or know how to meaningfully manipulate raw data.

NYT: The Geometry of Sprawl
Through Gielen’s lens, outdoor exercise yards become nothing more than cages, cramped prostheses on the backs of the prisons proper; whatever freedom or physical excitement such spaces were meant to offer looks appropriately absurd from such heights.

Because Kinetic is module based, ie your mix and match different modules according to your preference and activity, you are able to build you own perfect tracker. Included are time, distance and location which allows you to keep track of your time and distance covered, and see the route you’re on with live mapping and real-time markers. Speed and pace display average speed and pace, and lets you view live speed history graph to monitor your progress.

HIPSTERRUNOFF: Sufjan Stevens is pissed @ amazon 4 selling his album 4 mad cheap
Amazon.com always does this thing where they will ‘discount’ relevant indie albums [via the digital store] upon their first week of release. A lot of theorists claimed that the record labels were chill with this, because it allows indie bands to ‘sell more units’ and perform on the mainstream charts. Sufjan Stevens is like ‘aw hell naw’, though, and is mad pissed that amazon is ‘devaluing his work.’

BOBULATE: Mathematical habits of mind
Ten mathematical habits of mind a teacher created for his sixth grade students: 1. Pattern Sniff, 2. Experiment, Guess and Conjecture, 3. Organize and Simplify, 4. Describe, 5. Tinker and Invent, 6. Visualize, 7. Strategize, Reason and Prove, 8. Connect, 9. Listen and Collaborate, 10. Contextualize, Reflect and Persevere

RWW: Verizon Storms the App Castle: Launches Wave of Location, Push Notification & Messaging APIs
“That’s the holy grail of cell phone location,” Parecki says, “because it doesn’t require the user to start an app to track themselves. It’s ‘always on’ after they start using it the first time.”

REUTERS BLOG: The new type of stock chart
A couple of weeks ago, I wondered whether it was possible to see what a stock graph would look like if it split up the x-axis according to volume rather than according to the time of day. After all, when trading is concentrated at the beginning and end of the day, those are the areas worth concentrating on, right? Wonderfully, Omer Uzun of Proteus Financial rose to the challenge.

TOMORROW MUSEUM: One-way Mirrors and Social Media “Stalking”
The film made me think of a situation that is now so familiar — the inescapability of past relationships due to the encumbrance of Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. The ductile spreadability of the web makes it impossible to forget anything — especially people — even if you are careful never to google someone, never to follow their updates. You can chose not to follow someone, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enter your stream as a retweet or “shared” item.

INC: Celebrating the Start-up Entrepreneur
There’s a quote by Marc Andreesen, the co-founder of Netscape and Ning.com. The quote is, “In a start-up, absolutely nothing happens, unless you make it happen.” That’s something we really appreciate, because, like Startup Quote itself, we had the idea for so long, but if we didn’t start it, it wouldn’t have happened. It’s really inspiring.

Pack of dogs is a series of furniture, each piece shaped like a dog and named after a famous Mexican wrestler.

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