LINK DROP: September 25th through October 3rd 2010

Link Drop
The stories and sites that resonated with me this week had a couple consistent themes. There was a lot about learning, a screen and were slowing moving away from the browser into apps—typically from a mobile device. While word of mouth for events is still important I like the easy to use that Creative Everyone is using and how it encourages people to sign up—not an easy job when everything is flowing into Facebook these days.

Creative Everyone: Creative events in London, New York, and Glasgow
Creative Everyone curates and lists the most interesting creative events worldwide, ensuring you never miss an event again.

WIRED: 3 Secret Apple TV Features Steve Jobs Hasn’t Told You About
The most important hint of Apple’s real ambitions in the living room come from AirPlay, which puts iPhones and iPads in the driver’s seat and makes the TV just an output device for the Apple ecosystem.

TECHCRUNCH: SCVNGR’s Secret Game Mechanics Playdeck
It is a deck of cards listing nearly 50 different game mechanics that can be mixed and matched to create the foundation for different types of games.

ECOUTERRE: Nokia’s Stretchy Electronic “Skin” Paves Way For High-Tech Wearables
Fully actualized, the stretchy skin could spell the end of bulky, immutable devices, as well as usher in a new generation of high-tech clothing and accessories.

BBH LABS: My Last Post – Some Things I’ve Learned at BBH
The people that make a difference tend to be the ones that don’t seek approval first. They are often not the most popular. They’re rarely the most rewarded. But they’re the most valuable. If you can bring yourself to put up with them, they will be your secret weapon. And they’re way better on your team than on someone else’s.

THE BIG PICTURE: Human landscapes in SW Florida
Boom and bust residential development has drastically affected parts of southwest Florida for decades now, and I spent some time (with the help of Google Earth), looking around the area.

WELCOME TO OPTIMISM: post-digital or die!
Digital is not a channel; it’s the context in which everything lives. As Madonna nearly sang, we are living in a post-digital world. New media are now just media. Digital is not a channel; it’s the ubiquitous, continuous context in which everything lives.

MERCURY NEWS: Libraries launch apps to sync with iPod generation
Since the recession hit, more people are turning to libraries to surf the Web and try out digital gadgets. In Princeton, N.J., 44 people are waiting to borrow Kindles, a wireless reading device. Roya Karimian, 32, flipped through the preloaded e-pages of “Little Women” after two months on the waiting list. “I had already read it, but I wanted to experience reading it on the Kindle,” Karimian says.

Marc Newson: TransportSHARE: The Sky is Far from the Limit for the Feted Designer, Filmed for NOWNESS by Alison Chernick
“If you have a big enough engine, you can go anywhere,” says Australian designer Marc Newson. He’s talking about flying, but his words typify his limitless creative ambition—in the course of his career his projects have included everything from a space jet to a champagne box, a mobile phone to a recording studio

MOBILE BEHAVIOR: Mobile Paths: QR Codes Come to TV
Are 2D barcodes really the best way to activate time-based media? Do users want to scramble to open their reader app then quickly position themselves in front of the TV? Were there a majority vote, we’re guessing not. There are alternatives.

FAST CO DESIGN: Method: 10 Mobile Interfaces That Rewire Daily Life
They are always- on, hyper-connected digital extensions of ourselves that create a new landscape rich with opportunity for brands.

EDUCATION PORTAL: Universities with the Best Free Online Courses
No tuition money? No problem! There are many top universities that offer free courses online. This list ranks several of the best free university courses available for people who want to enhance their personal knowledge or advance in their current field.

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