Why the Page 1 2 and View All Pagination?

A small thing that always bothers me when I read articles online is the option at the bottom of the first page to go to page two or view all. I typically come across this on the Daily Beast and Wired. While I understand that they’re looking for more clicks, if the content is only going to be divided into two pages there’s no advantage for view all. Why not at least divide the content into three pages so at least there’s a couple potential clicks. A person would either click on page 2 and page 3 or with a view all there still would be two clicks. At the moment it just seems like an oversight to have only 2 pages with a view all at the bottom. And why not give me the option of view all at the top, why do I have to scroll all the way down?

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  • Maximilian K

    because a “view all” page can be sent singlehandedly to instapaper and therefore is less cumbersome.

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    You make a good point though I wonder how long an Instapaper icon will sit beside the share buttons of FB & Twitter. Sure most Instapaper users already have it in their browser button set—but something to keep an eye out for.