LINK DROP: October 4th through October 9th 2010

Link Drop
Overall this week was kind of bad for design, there was Gap’s incompetence dealing with how they want to define the brand with their logo and Sony’s awful remote for Google TV. On the flip side I found I was drawn back to a healthy balance of typography, technology and different publishing machines that are out there at the moment.

TNW: Forget Revenue. Relevance Is The New Currency.
Unfortunately history has proven that people are extremely fashion cautious, unloyal and eager to move on to the next best thing. I remember when Friendster grew to 10 million members overnight and friends of mine announced they were starting their own social network. “suckers!” is what I thought. I reasoned that with 10 million members nobody would ever catch up to Friendster. They had what investors call, and love, the “first mover advantage”. Well, we all remember what happened to friendster.

MASHABLE: 12 Essential News Media Tumblrs You Should Follow
Many of the media organizations jumping on the simple blogging platform are using the tool to curate content for their audience and start a dialogue with readers. Mark Coatney, the media evangelist at Tumblr who was likely hired in part because of his tremendous success managing the Newsweek Tumblr, said participation in the Tumblr community is what makes a media blog effective. That is, they are having a conversation with the community, not just about what the brand is doing.

SCOUTNING NY: Exploring The (Nearly!) Empty Post Office Building On 8th Ave
On October 9th & 10th, over 350 sites, tours, and events will be made available to the public FREE for the annual Open House New York program. Open House New York is…well, an open house of New York City! A ton of fantastic options are being offered this year, and OHNY graciously allowed me to take a few tours in advance to help spread the word.

Neue magazine online exhibit of Show Us Your Type posters featuring the city of Berlin. Contributors are from all over the world. Showing some of my favs.

UK-based artist Jennifer Price is doing some monumental printworks. Price refers to her images as inkblots and they’re basically a direct transfer of ink from an object to fabric… rubbings.

GUARDIAN: The real cost of free
Last week, my fellow Guardian columnist Helienne Lindvall published a piece headlined The cost of free, in which she called it “ironic” that “advocates of free online content” (including me) “charge hefty fees to speak at events”.

NYPL: Mad Men Reading List
Some of the titles are featured prominently in the series and others are mentioned in passing. Remember the book Sally read with her grandfather at bedtime? The book on Japanese culture the agency was told to read? The scandalous book the ladies passed between each other in secret? You can find all these and more! Search #MadMen #Reading on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

More fonting, just because we can
There’s been some amazing work done on fonts and the process of creating them– everything and anything becomes a source of inspiration, and the gamut of designs runs from functional to whimsical to practically unreadable (in the best way possible, of course). I’ve compiled below a few of my favorite resources and inspirations.

GOTHAMIST: Michelin Guide 2011 Names Brooklyn’s First 2 Star Restaurant
The upscale grocer Brooklyn Fare features an intimate chef’s table alongside an open kitchen, where chef César Ramirez has been generating considerable buzz with his four course prix-fixe supper club.

MCKINSEY QUARTERLY: How centered leaders achieve extraordinary results
Five capabilities are at the heart of centered leadership: finding meaning in work, converting emotions such as fear or stress into opportunity, leveraging connections and community, acting in the face of risk, and sustaining the energy that is the life force of change.

I Just Made Love!
Break the Tabu. Talk “SEX”. Find out what the world thinks about your wonders. Get quick answers to your love questions. Share your opinion.

WIRED: Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson on Where Ideas Come From
It’s amazing that the myth of the lone genius has persisted for so long, since simultaneous invention has always been the norm, not the exception. Anthropologists have shown that the same inventions tended to crop up in prehistory at roughly similar times, in roughly the same order, among cultures on different continents that couldn’t possibly have contacted one another.

12seconds is shutting down…
You’re thinking, “holy crap I made like 1000 12second videos, what do I do?” Later this week, we’re going to release a download tool for you to capture those moments in time. It will be available until we pull the plug – on October 22nd.

READ WRITE WEB: How Flipboard Was Created & its Plans Beyond iPad
We decided to do a thought experiment: imagine if the Web was washed away and we needed to build a new one from scratch.

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