Nice Way to Build the Options Mode

Building the options mode

While I was exploring the River of News iPad app I noticed a pretty cool feature that think most people overlook. The River of News app is a rss feed reader that pulls in feeds from google reader. While going through posts with headlines there’s the option of seeing the post styled as the blog design had intended. At this point a person has the option of doing something with the url like mentioning it on twitter or facebook. The thing is though, there’s a lot of other options possible. The really nice way that River of News does it by having a More button. Once pressed there’s a number of other options like opening in Safari and saving it to instapaper. Once I’ve selected a new option it is saved in the options. Next time I want to open in Safari that will be my first option. It’s an elegant solution to keeping the options clean while letting the user select what they want.

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  • Dan Burzo

    Does it feel right in real life? Not having access to the actual application, I can only imagine, but does it break your mental pattern as to where the buttons are located if they are constantly switching around?

  • Andrew

    Nice, but can we please have a Share button that remembers my preferences? I don’t use ReaditLater or post such things to my Facebook wall. Why do I have to see those options appear every single time?