A Timeline of 10-10-10 Stuff that I found Worth Watching & Reading in Order

The Power Of Ten (Simpson’s Style)

CORE 77: Powers of Ten—A Video Response Design Competition

So it didn’t take long for FOX to take down the Banksy Simpson’s intro, though you can still see it HERE.

To be honest I wasn’t that interested in 10-10-10 until I watched the Powers of Ten video from the Eames office. Once I viewed that I decided to tweet quite an old post from the Simpson’s intro. A while later I came across an interesting idea put forth from Core77, a video response to the original Eames film. While the next Simpson’s video entry wasn’t about 10-10-10, it was aired yesterday. The big deal about was that it went quite a bit longer than I’ve seen in the past from the Simpson’s and was choreographed from Banksy. Plus I had a Simpson’s intro already in the post so it seemed to fit for me. Final thing was a comment from someone at IBM on my original Simpson’s post talking about a video that they created as a homage to Powers of Ten. But after seeing all that stuff in order it seemed like a much more interesting Sunday than originally planned. Between all the magnification and exploration there’s still a lot to discover.

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