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Explaining My Updated Online News Consumption | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Explaining My Updated Online News Consumption

My Updated Online News Consumption Diagram

I’ve tried using Tumblr a handful of times without much success in terms of publishing my own stuff. However after coming across Mashable’s post 12 Essential News Media Tumblrs You Should Follow I think I’ve finally found something. Ever since getting an iPad my news consumption has scaled in a couple magnitudes. I’ve started collecting rss feeds using Google Reader which was something that I never did until the iPad. Those rss feeds are read into either the River of News app or Reeder app for the iPad. I use Instapaper occasionally but that app doesn’t really affect how I consume news. Because I’m using Google reader most of the Tumblr News sites use rss (except for Newsweek). So all of a sudden I can get a lot of stories from main stream news sites that are appealing to the Tumblr crowd fed into one of my iPad apps.

Taking that into consideration I thought it would be interesting to update my entire process for consuming news. As a friend Greg noted, my process is getting a lot simpler with time. Back in the day I had to deal with tabs and browsers and interlinking of things. While on the surface the diagram looks simpler there’s a lot more automated collecting and filtering that I’ve set up ahead of time.

Twitter still comes into play, but I’ve filtered a lot of those tweets into Twitter lists that flow into Flipboardā€”not with native Twitter. As for mobile I think there’s a difference between the iPhone and an iPad. The iPhone is better served as a list view while the iPad’s larger screen allows for a more curated view. So for the iPhone I’m using the Reeder app though I with the horrible ATT coverage even rss feeds take a while to load.

As content and news flows into my apps to read and I feel like it’s something worth mentioning or sharing I pop it into Safari on the iPad. From there I’ll press the button that I’ve installed into my browser, have a new dialog box appear, change my tweet headline if needed and press send. From there it automatically is tweeted and the url is saved to Delicious because I’m using

Part of me is making notes of my news consumption so I can compare how I manage news against those single source news apps and how they might be able to be better than what I’ve been able to set up. Up until now there has yet to be one that has made a dent in my own personal process. The advantages that those magazine apps could have yet have ignored are fast load times, archiving abilities, sharing as community editors and timeline updates. Once they can figure that out they might have a valuable product. My biggest takeaway was that I’m barely visiting websites natively. Once I find a link I might end up reading it on the site but that isn’t my starting point.

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  • Christina

    Do you still get a newspaper delivered? I’m thinking probably not. :)

  • michaelsurtees

    Ha, back around four years ago I was pretty excited to get both the NYT & WSJ every morning. Now I can rely on just two sources…