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Over there | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Over there

To be part of the dance that is NY for a couple of days was an experience that I will remember warmly. If the game is won through attrition, and about those final inches that are the hardest to battle through, NY gave me the fuel to be disciplined enough to drive forward.

From learning how to really walk across a street, to going with the flow of a taxi driving backwards on a one way street, was something I wouldn’t have been a part of anywhere else. Walking around with my head in the sky, it became a game to notice all the ways a “5” was displayed on office buildings. I’ve never felt more relaxed than in NY. People feel the need to express themselves, and it’s contagious. Perhaps it’s the energy that is inspirational, or maybe it’s that people just don’t give a fuck what others think, so those self made walls don’t exist. Either way it was something that caught my attention.

And then there were the friends that found the time for us (my wife, Tamara, and I). I’m sure you can go to the NY, not know anyone and have a great NY time. But we really lucked out in a way that even forces me to pause for a minute. I’m not sure what was more of a pleasant surprise with Tina, the fact that she seems ten feet tall, or her infectious laughter and sharp wit. And then there is Eric, a couple lines of text here would not adequately express the wonderful nights he showed Tamara and myself. From the experimental alcohol in Manhattan’s to the incredible conversations. The guy is in his own class. Armin and Bryony were able to escape from their moving adventures for a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon to meet up for lunch. Sadly there wasn’t enough time to talk about the merits of Emigre’s Rant issue, though their time was greatly valued. Dave even took a night off from work and introduced us to one of those CBX people. If I can remember through the haze, I think Paul Rand’s name may have come up a couple of times. Last but not least there was Brad, a photographer friend of Tamara’s. To say he’s outgoing would be an understatement. The eating experience was one that I won’t forget – not only did he bring two great bottles of wine, he brought his own wine glasses to the restaurant.

I’m sure there are a couple of versions of NY; there’s the one tourists see and then there’s the reality. Just like how photography captures a moment that could either be truthful or not, when you don’t live somewhere it’s different from really being over there.

To those that opened their home to us – thank you, it meant the world.

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  • http://www.mathematos.com/placement E. Tage Larsen

    I can not offer you the internet riches of your other friends, like music on interest free credit.

    But i can say that if you are dancing in New York it is because New York needs a partner to dance with and You and Tamara are always on our Dance Card. Thank you for your recent trip and always entertaining evenings.

    And Tina may be ten feet tall, but she has a twelve foot smile and an intellect you’d need an elevator for.

    Thanks for the times. Do call again.

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