LINK DROP: October 10th – 17th 2010

Link Drop
This was a bit of a strange week for me as I took a couple days off for the first time since January. I just felt like it was time to press the reset button before the craziness of of Thanksgiving happens and the sprint to the holidays after that. While taking time off I still managed to save some sites, links and apps that are worth exploring more. Probably the most surprising node of connections came from maps. I tend to gravitate towards those type of sites and apps but all the different layers that are starting to build on top of each other is fascinating to me. It takes the information out of the web and into a better functional experience.

The Andy Warhol Museum Layar
The Warhol has contributed to The Layar app! The Layar turns your mobile device into an augmented-reality viewer. By adding The Andy Warhol Museum Layar, you’ll be able to view locations pivotal in Andy Warhol’s life and work overlayed on real-time images from your device’s camera. View locations in Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY and dive into related information and photos prepared by The Warhol’s education curators.

WIKIPEDIA: 2010 Copiapó mining accident
The 2010 Copiapó mining accident occurred on 5 August 2010, when the San José copper-gold mine, near Copiapó, Chile, collapsed, leaving 33 men trapped deep below ground.[1][2] The miners survived underground for a record 69 to 70 days.[3] All 33 miners were rescued and brought to the surface on 13 October 2010, with the first miner emerging from the Fénix 2 rescue capsule at 00:10 CLDT on 13 October 2010 and the last miner emerging at 21:55 CLDT. After the last trapped miner was winched to the surface, the rescue workers up held a sign which said “Mision Cumplida Chile” (English: Mission accomplished Chile) to the 1 billion TV watching audience around the world.[4]

SYNTHESIO: The 10 Most Popular Topics on the Web
We recently divided our index among 40 different categories that we’ve seen to be the major categories for web sites. Using this classification we were able to analyze over 200 million verbatim to analyze what the top 10 most popular topics on the web are.

POP WUPING:Basil Racuk Leather iPad Case
Created using machine and hand stitched leather Basil Racuk’s case for iPad has to be one of the most luxurious iPad cases available. The case holds your iPad as well as power adaptors, iPhone and documents. Secure handle on top. California made and sourced.

BLD BLG: Trap Rooms
Whichever company can upload the most floorplans before everyone else will, presumably, have quite an economic advantage. So how could you protect your proprietary map sets? What if you’re the only company in the world with access to maps of a certain convention center or sports stadium or new airport terminal—how could you keep a rival firm from simply jacking your cartography?

FREEDOM OF CREATION: Ted Noten designs graduation trophy for Design Academy
For the 2010 edition Ted came to FOC to create the Pig Head Trophy. By design, each slice of the pig head represented one graduate, not only was each and every slice different, they were also customized to show which course the student took.

QOMPENDIUM: Meet: Christopher Baker
One of his projects “American Toys” was created by combining images from every United States patent containing the phrase “toy pistol”. The earliest image dates back to the mid 1800′s.

SWITCHED: Robo-Blinds Add Privacy, Attract the Perplexed
Roy admits the curtain “fails,” though, because it reportedly “attracts the looks of people which usually would never care about my window.” But those curious gazes make for excellent filmmaking. The video, dubbed ‘My Little Piece of Privacy’ (after the break), might be more impressive than Roy’s electronic ingenuity, so watch as the camera manages to capture a magical dance of the perplexed as curious pedestrians morph into spontaneous and evasive performance artists.

The True Size of Africa

Amazing Building Mapping – Vimeo Festival from Dan Ilic on Vimeo.

Saturday the 9th October, Evan Grant’s Seeper collective mapped the IAC building in Chelsea, New York, NY.
The video giant art project was made to celebrate the openeing of the the awards afterparty held in the foyer of the IAC building. I was lucky enough to be there on behalf of Shot on Canon 7D, No Tripod, Tamron 18-270

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