If there’s one regret about my latest adventure, it was that I never took my camera out to capture the obvious activity going around me in New York. I shot some graffiti, the one of a kind signs, a bit of architecture, people here and there, but what is sorely missing is the daily advertising on billboards, the signs inside storefronts and the sound. Ok sound it going to be a bit more difficult to capture visually, but still. These missing elements of inspiration hit me hard yesterday when I went for my daily lunch stroll through downtown Edmonton. At that point I realized what I’m missing. It was the attitude, the bravado, the need to go for that bigger accomplishment. The “design” of the communication wasn’t great, but it’s what they’re saying. Nothing around here says that in the advertising, signs or stores. It’s mild, beige and not really standing for much at all. On the flip side, if Albert Einstein is correct that imagination is more important than knowledge, then it is up to the individual to reconcile their surrounding environment. It is up to that person to take responsibility and create their world. Perhaps it’s easier in some places then others. Imagine the world you want, it’s the only one you got.

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