LINK DROP from October 18th through 22nd 2010

Link Drop
I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my staycation was over and had to change gears with what’s going on outside the blogosphere. And October is almost over already—yikes. Most of the links and sites this week that resonated with me had a strong media bias, either with TV, entertainment or technology combining the two. If you’re new to Link Drop I basically want to archive some stuff that I think is valuable and excerpt some of the text from the post. When I have more time I’ll start writing more of a rational—but since I only had half an hour this morning—what you see is what you get. I’m guessing that most of those sites I found via Twitter, either through my own exploration or RT. You can view on Delcious which sites I found where.

BUSINESS INSIDER: The Future Of Television And The Digital Living Room
I think we’re in the first inning of second screen technologies and applications, and this movement will create whole new experiences that the 50+ crowd will lament as “ruining the TV experience.” The 15-30 crowd will feel like this is what TV was meant to be – social.

Yelle La Musique
Everything from the Brazil Jesus statue hula-hooping to Clint Eastwood, the Taj Mahal, and Justin Bieber have cameos. At one point a flaming car flies from the sky into a camper, which then explodes into a mountain of kittens. Paris Hilton sits on a huge version of her chihuahua. Popsicles fly through the air as cats play guitars on icebergs. Finally at 1:20 I realized that the whole thing was strikingly similar to the feel in one of my favorite videos of all time, Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson…

SAI: How Facebook Decides What To Put In Your News Feed – These 10 Secrets Reveal All
The more digital our daily lives become, the more perplexing the questions seem. Will the growth of social media destroy our notions of privacy? Is democracy helped or harmed by the cacophony of opinions online? And perhaps most confounding: Why does that guy I barely know from the 10th grade keep showing up in my Facebook feed?

PANIC BLOG: Spinner Rage
Did you know the French have over 300 words for “ennui”? It’s true. Similarly, a designer has over 14,000 words for nit-picky things that annoy them that nobody else in the world cares about. In this case, 300 words. Hooray! I’ve found a new thing you won’t care about! Prepare to have your eyebrows melted.Designers, do you see anything wrong with this spinner I found on the web? It’s pretty subtle. Look close! The problem is specifically with frame five…

WELCOME TO OPTIMISM: why the internet is causing an increase in TV viewing
One liner? We’re going to see more live TV with simultaneous back channel for conversation and gaming via online and mobile devices… and is about to launch a dedicated platform to provide this service – and own this space.

THE ALT REPORT: Spoiled tweens send 3000+ texts per month
I have a real job and I manage a team of 7 people in the office and we don’t send that many emails per day. It is just so baffling that my spoiled tween son sends 100 texts per day. Really glad I got him ‘unlimited’ plan bc our bill was $1k last month. Was hella pissed, and threatened to get him a pay-as-u-go phone.

THE NEXT WEB: Twitter makes me like people I’ve never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life
Twitter is a whole different animal. There are no page invitations to ignore, events to opt-out off or people tagging you in photos. Basically Twitter is built on the whole idea of serendipitous finds; you are bombarded with tweets, but only if you choose to, and pick what is good, and ignore the rest.

Just Spotted
JustSpotted shows you what your favorite celebrities are up to and where they were last spotted. We aggregate the latest sightings, tweets, status updates, news articles & blog posts from all over the web for thousands of celebrities around the world. You can choose to become a fan of the celebrities you care most about and we will always keep you up to date.

From the desk of…
Project: A site dedicate a site solely to canvas of the Desk. A Desk is where we work. Symbolic. Psychical. Present. A second home. A Desk is a platform. A hearth. Roots are planted. It’s where upon hours on hours pass. Personally, I want to be (and have always been) inspired by my work space. I’m surrounded by “my stuff” helps me think and conjure new ideas. I covet solitude; it gives me more time to think. I’m one of those organized clutter types. I always have torn pages for inspiration on my cork boards and Polaroids of friends which reminds me, I must retell that story. I’m always putting things up, taking things down; keep it choppy and not get too comfortable. Still, I crave familiarity.

TECH CRUNCH: ‘Fast Company’ Influence Project Proves Online Influencers Have No Actual Influence
Well, no Bob, as a participant, I most certainly did not find The Influence Project a worthwhile experience, not in the slightest. First of all you all but ignored the guy who actually won and picked your own winners, presumably because a vignette of iJustine will drive more traffic to your website than a profile of the unknown outside of the tech industry Jeremy Schoemaker.

SEARCH ENGINE LAND: Life With Google TV: My First Day Review & Impressions
Down at the bottom of the viewing window (sorry the image is small — the Droid ate my originals of some pics, remember!), I had options to expand the image to fullscreen. I did this, and it was awesome. There it was! Content from the internet flowing onto my TV, without some laptop being awkwardly hooked up somewhere. And then it started going wrong. My wireless network wasn’t pumping out enough bandwidth for me to watch this in HD quality, causing a lot of buffering and a little “hey, maybe you should turn HD off” message to appear.

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  • michaelsurtees

    No problem—it was a great post & yes let’s meet up soon. I email ya asap.