Bending Music Borders Through Simple Technologies like Gift Cards & Air Balloons

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SWITCHED: Weather Balloon Servers Could Take Pirate Party to the Air

A couple unrelated posts if combined showed an interesting pattern of circumventing the traditional ways of listening and buying music. There’s tons of ways to do this already but with the scheme to be able to listen to Spotify through buying gift cards and a ballon playing music in the air shows that people are testing gray areas of what it means to be a border. It’s amazing that while the music industry complains and contracts people are thinking about new ways to distribute and listen to music which brings me to the video below that describes what’s out there in terms of technology that an artist might want to consider for promotion.

After watching the above YouTube video I couldn’t help but think there’s a bit of a music tech bubble going on. His last point while predictable is at least poignant.

FUTURE PERFECT: iPad/cash register the Square dongle for processing credit cards.

While it’s a bit hard to see the Square Dongle attached to the top left headphone jack of the iPad—it’s yet one more thing that the iPad is disrupting. This time the idea of commerce. With that simple tool a person can turn their iPad into a cash register. How much more fun and relaxation can a person have by setting up a simple unit like that. It’s only a matter of time when the idea of a simple lemonade stand takes off with tools like this. A person can start as small as they want, not need much initial capital and try businesses because the risk is minimal.

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  • Stepan Baghdassarian

    Where can I buy the wooden ipad cash register holder?