Blackboard vs Whiteboard


Anyone that does a lot of design work will find themselves in front of a whiteboard from time to time. I even have a mini Muji version with me by my desk. So when I ended up last night getting a tour of Debbie Millman’s great new space for her Masters in Branding program at SVA, the first thing that struck me was the wall to wall blackboard.

While I won’t comment on the actual illustration (I think it could be simplified a bit), the color bounces off the black in a way that a white board could never achieve. It looks amazing. Sure a whiteboard’s purpose isn’t to make things look pretty, I have to admit that I’d love to make a blackboard like this. I suspect that the best balance would be to have one wall painted for a blackboard and the opposite wall painted for a whiteboard. That way the best of both worlds can be used.

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  • Christopher Fahey

    For the record, this diagram was put up by one of the IxD MFA students, Jeff Kirsch, and is based on Dan Saffer’s original.

  • michaelsurtees

    Thanks for the FYI Chris