Comparing, Reviewing and Talking about Product Experiences


Anyone that visits this blog once in a while or follows me on Twitter finds out pretty quickly that I’m a big fan of my iPad. I actually want a second one though I’m not seriously considering it. There’s a lot to be read about different apps, uses and experiences. For me I need to know this information both as a designer and someone that wants to keep updating things when needed.

If someone is in the digital realm I really don’t understand how they can call them fluent with what they do if they don’t have one. Its not about being a fan boy/girl but realizing what things have changed from the browser as we used to know it and how things have evolved because of the iPad screen and how information is now being served up. News consumption has changed, how data is presented, the merging of video, photo and sound and how programs are even written. Plus they need to know if it’s an appropriate channel for clients. Maybe it isn’t—but how will they know?

Last week MUJI released one free calendar app and one pay app that’s like a journal. I saw links about it popup on sites instantly. It was cool and worth a mention but I had to wonder how many people had actually had an iPad or had even downloaded the app. I downloaded it,thought it was nice but didn’t really help me much as I’m still stuck with iCal and not google calendar. There’s a subtle feature of the calendar that I think most people that downloaded it would have noticed. Instead all I read about how MUJI was “on brand target”.

There’s a suitcase graphic that moves around depending on the angle that the iPad is being titled. It’s noticeable for user, apparently not so much for video watchers. There’s nothing wrong with with talking about iPad apps if they’ve never used it-but think something about the experience of describing the experience is lost. I wonder how credible a post can be if the experience is coming strictly from observation and not from actual interaction.

I know plenty of people that have had an iPad and sold it-it wasn’t for them. Totally understandable. But I’ll never get people that dislike or sharing experiences about something without even using the thing-it’s like their adding a fuzzy layer of insulation from learning something new.

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