Robynne Raye and the Hurricane Poster Project

Last night, Robynne Raye of Modern Dog spoke to an enthusiastic design audience in Edmonton. You can view a couple images at Flickr Robynne gave a great talk that no doubt inspired the audience. Her presentation was recorded and should be available soon to watch – so stay tuned.

Design is my Art was a topic near the end of Robynne’s talk. She spoke of the moving NPR radio interview that took place with Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans. To hear that interview with Nagin, check out this post I did after it originally aired at Feeling angry about how Bush was handling the Hurricane Katrina situation, she created the above poster, and mentioned The Hurricane Poster Project. They describe the project as “a collaborative effort of the design community to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.” Below I’ve copied + pasted the submission info. To see the posters for yourself, and to possibly get active, visit

* Posters should be specific to Hurricane Katrina or THPP. Designers are encouraged to make political and/or social statements about what just happened regarding Hurricane Katrina and our current political climate.
* Minimum size: 11″ x 17″ (This will enable students and designers on a tight budget to print posters on a color laser printer) Ideal size: 18″ x 24″ or larger.
* IMPORTANT: The posters should be SIGNED/NUMBERED editions. Quantities of 25-100. The posters should not be one-offs.
* Designers will be responsible for designing, printing, and delivering the posters to THPP. Although numerous printers have expressed interest in helping us, we simply don’t have the human power to coordinate all of the printing ourselves.

* Posters may include credits for vendors who have donated supplies or services, but please keep them small and unobtrusive.
* All submissions will become property of THPP, and will be sold to raise funds for the AMERICAN RED CROSS hurricane disaster relief effort. Several posters from each donated set will be retained for possible future exhibition or publication.
* Designers may determine the selling price of their posters, but THPP reserves the right to change prices based on availability and demand.

This is an ongoing project that will continue to accept submissions through the fall of 2005. Given the timeliness of the situation, we strongly encourage designers to submit posters as soon as possible.

1827 Pearl Street, Suite 2
Boulder, Colorado 80302

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Leif Steiner at: or 720.304.7210.

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