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LINK DROP: November 6th through Today (November, 13th 2010) | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

LINK DROP: November 6th through Today (November, 13th 2010)

Link Drop
Another busy week flew by, managed to do a couple new things to keep life interesting. I found a lot of product related stuff with a slight nod to tech. Not really that different from what I typically find but the consistent quantity was worth noting.

The entrepreneurs that really make it are the ones that start with an idea but are ready to change it at a moment’s notice. – Jeremy Stoppelman.

If Facebook Knows When People Break Up And Google Can Predict Flu Outbreaks, Does LinkedIn Know When Companies Are In Trouble?
However, lets say you take a company with a few thousand workers, if a significant amount of those goes from not logging in within 3-6 months to logging in frequently AND updating their profiles, then you might just have a company that’s about to cut staff. What makes this so powerful is that staff know about cuts and redundancies way before internal and public announcements are made, whispers and rumours spread like wildfire and that’s when people start logging in and updating, meaning that LinkedIn knows about cuts and redundancies too – suddenly making this data extremely valuable.

7 A/B Testing Resources for Startups and Solo Developers
If you plan to conduct A/B testing to optimize your website, there are some best practices to observe and some expectations to lay out at the beginning. For example, you (and your team, if you have one) will want to declare criteria, variables and expectations before you begin your testing. Make sure you’re not doing anything that will invalidate the results of your test. Also, make sure you’ve got enough traffic to make an A/B test worthwhile. If you’re working with a relative handful of site visitors each day, your A/B results may not be accurate. Likewise, make sure you conduct your tests over a long enough period of time to allow for variance caused by traffic fluctuations, days of the week, holidays, time of day, etc. Finally, make sure that your website is functional and optimized for excellent, fast, cross-browser performance before you commit to testing. After all, no one will care whether the button is green or red if the page takes a minute and a half to load.

The volcanic eruption at Mount Merapi is pictured in this NASA Terra satellite image. The Indonesian volcano erupted with renewed ferocity on Friday, bringing the total death toll to over 100 and blanketing the area with white ash. (Photo: DigitalGlobe / Reuters via the Telegraph).

Jimmy Wales to Announce Wiki 2.0
Wikia, the for-profit venture of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, is announcing what it is calling the “next generation of collaborative publishing”, or put shortly, “Wiki 2.0”. This next generation of wikis will include a social layer that brings game mechanics, real-time streams, social sharing and more to the previously walled-in world of the wiki.

hello. welcome to the new face of korean bbq
Introducing Korilla, the fiercest eats you’ll find on the streets… literally. What is a Korilla, you ask? It is nothing less than a Korean grillmasta serving up a complex combination of classic Korean recipes in contemporary forms. We’re talking burritos, tacos and chompers like you’ve never had before.

Adding Cabbie Know-How to Online Maps
Anyone who’s ridden in a taxi knows that cab drivers know their way around a city better than the average driver. They seem to have super-secret side-street maneuvers that shave minutes off a trip by avoiding traffic, lights, and other problems. Now researchers from Microsoft are mining cabbies’ knowledge to create faster driving paths for online maps.

New Gorillaz Album Recorded Entirely on an iPad
Blur frontman, Gorillaz mastermind and all-around pop genius Damon Albarn is already hard at work on the next release for his cartoon band, while still touring behind its latest release ‘Plastic Beach.’ But, rather than lug around a Tascam Portastudio or install a recording area on the tour bus, Albarn has turned to his iPad to create his latest musical musings. He told NME, “I fell in love with my iPad as soon as I got it… I hope I’ll be making the first record on an iPad.”

Netflix Instant Movies That Don’t Suck
You know when you go to watch a movie on Netflix Instant? So you go through all the options and there are a bunch of movies you never heard of and you’re like, “I wonder if this sucks or not?” Well, I created this Tumblr so we can all share movies that we watched on Netflix Instant that didn’t suck so that other people can benefit from our adventures.

Design and Business: The Bottom Line
This morning, I gave a speech at the RGD Design Thinkers event here in Toronto. For a first ever keynote, I think it went ok, though I probably relied on reading out my notes too much. But given that I used this forum to tell designers they can be “dictatorial, inflexible, snobby”, people were pretty friendly. It’s super long, but here’s the text, along with the beautiful typographic slides designed by my friend Timothy O’Donnell, who stepped in to save me from the indignity of having to present homemade slides to an audience of professional designers.

Minority Report, Courtesy of Kinect
Hackers have wasted no time bending Kinect to their will, and this proof of concept video for a Minority Report-esque multitouch UI is probably the most exciting mod yet. Stretch to zoom, here we come!

Safari Tools: Pad App
Safari Books Online offers a native application — Safari To Go — that enables you to read content on your iPad. This application combines all the user-friendly features of the iPad with the power of the Safari Books Online platform.

30 Rock Mocks the Fauxhemian Fashion Trend
Tonight on 30 Rock, Liz Lemon bought jeans from a store called Brooklyn Without Limits, and they made her ass look amazing. Unfortunately, though, the brand wasn’t as innocent as she thought. A compilation of the related scenes is inside.

Panasonic Lumix 14mm f2.5 Lens Review — Seeing Prime
This is a discussion of seeing (and by extension, photography) under the pretense of a lens review. If you want to read about what it feels like to use this lens, this is your place.

Life Hack – The 30/30 Minute Work Cycle Feels Like Magic
“You might think it’s crazy and stupid, but it works for me,” he said. “I sit at my desk and work for 30 minutes without distraction, completely absorbed in my work. Then, after the 30 minutes are up, I drop whatever I’m doing and go do something fun for 30 minutes. During this relaxation time, I don’t think about work at all – I play games, write, whatever, but no work. After 30 minutes, I go back to my desk, rinse and repeat.”

Para-skiing?! Stomach-droppingly amazed to see this is a real thing.

Guy ordered the exact same business card from 5 of the top online printers on Google. Here’s what they’ve sent.

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