lululemon athletica graphic design b.s. contest

It’s amazing that a company like lululemon athletica that seems so dedicated to well being and design style would abuse designers with a cattle call design contest. The following information below has been sent to some Canadian designers and has picked up some traction on the GDC listserv. If there is any news that follows, I will post the info…

Calling all designers and graphic designers to be. Here’s your chance to expand your portfolio and make your mark on the lululemon line. We are looking for both design and graphic submissions on all of the following

1. Men’s t-shirt
2. Men’s long sleeve design for fall
3. Women’s t-shirt
4. Fabric pattern for a women’s tank top
5. Fabric pattern for men’s shorts
6. Christmas gift box

Each design should focus on the following:
– Combining art with athletics
– Including our logo and name. This can be subtly ingrained in the artwork
– Products for yoga, circus, tai chi, pilates and cross training for the Olympics
– For men’s wear, focus on the post metrosexual. (i.e. an athletic man who is in touch with his emotions.)

Your artwork will be evaluated on the following criteria:
1. Simplicity – is not overly costly to produce
2. The graphic has to be shown on an actual outlined garment so we can see placement and size of the graphic in relation to the garment
3. Use of color, new techniques or a combination of techniques(embroidery, stitching, goop, screening, sewing)

If we use your design you will receive a $200.00 cash reward in addition tohaving your design come to life on a lululemon product.

All entries must be submitted by December 1, 2005 to Community Relations at the SSC, attention: Jaclyn Josephson.

Jaclyn Josephson
lululemon athletica
community relations coordinator
604.732.6124 ext. 244

There’s been an update about this post at

Letter sent to lululemon athletica

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