UPDATE: lululemon athletica graphic design b.s. contest

Yesterday I posted about the lululemon athletica graphic design b.s. contest. There seems to be different interpretations about the meaning of the contest from lululemon athletica. A couple designers shared their e-mail responses they got from lululemon athletica on the GDC listserv. As always, if there’s any other interesting e-mails, I’ll pass them along.

Hi Blair,

Thank you for your feedback. For this graphic design contest, we wish to show recognition and celebrate the designer and the design through the finished product itself. We place high value on good design for the design itself and hope to encourage potential participants who share our enthusiasm for creativity not entirely by monetary means.

We hope you can understand that it is never our intention to undermine the graphic design industry but rather we just want to embrace the joy of creation!

Best Regards,
lululemon customer education centre

toll-free: 1.877.263.9300

180 – 2955 Hebb St.
Vancouver, BC
V5M 4X6
direct: 604.215.9300
fax: 604.215.9366

“Elevating the world from ordinary to a place of greatness”


Brenda and Cameron, thanks to both of you for your feedback on our contest. We have clearly mis-communicated our intentions and fortunately you have pointed out our errors.

My intention is to hire a permanent graphic designer, the job is posted on our web site http://www.recruitforce.com/NA1/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=LULU&cws=1&rid=57. As you both know there are often hidden talents right under your nose that need to be discovered. This contest was designed to do just that.

We hope we can find someone internally who is interested and has the skill set or may have a friend interested. This was meant to be primarily internal and not a general public contest. What we would never not want to do is offend the graphic/fashion design community or for that matter any other profession. Nor we would want to violate the professional practise guidelines or other organizations. We have a wonderfully talented creative agency in Cowie and Fox and use them for much of our creative work. We also contract out design services and maintain long standing relationships with several artists whom we use regularly. We would never intend to insult them, their profession and their peers.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Eric Petersen

UPDATE: Letter sent to lululemon athletica http://www.sidewalkpressed.com/?p=252

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