Letter to lululemon athletica

Below is a letter that was sent to lululemon athletica. You can read the history leading up to this letter at lululemon athletica graphic design b.s. contest. and UPDATE: lululemon athletica graphic design b.s. contest.

Chip Wilson, Owner/CEO
Dawn Peck, PR Director

See attached document originating from your offices and disseminated via the Graphic Designers of Canada listserv on Monday, November 14, 2005.

Dear Chip and Dawn,

As an independent group of graphic designers from across Canada, we are writing in regard to your decision to hold what can only be perceived to be a cattle-call to mine the creative energies of the graphic design community of Vancouver and beyond. We propose a comparison for you. We are interested in knowing how you feel your legal team, who are currently in BC Supreme Court (in your own words) “protecting the Lululemon designs and trade marks” would respond to an email such as the one attached – contextually reworded (with tongue firmly in cheek) from the attached email received Novemeber 14?

We send this to make a point that you seem to be under the impression that design is a hobby and that compensation for its product is a bonus rather than a necessity. Graphic designers pay taxes, pay mortgages, pay for staff, support families and must pay for everything you pay for, with the fees they earn from their work. We send you this parody in the hope that it will illustrate that this is not the very best course of action and, at best, has raised a number of eyebrows in the graphic design community and, at worst, done widespread and permanent damage to Lululemon’s credibility in their eyes – the very eyes you depend on for your future design and creative innovation. We would argue that design and innovation are pivotal in the success of Lululemon, as they are in every successful venture.

We hope that you can see that this is not the way to respect our talents and abilities, and in the future, we trust you to judge us on our prior achievements and creations, and pay fairly for our creativity, which is the currency of our profession.


Casey Hrynkow, B.Des, MGDC
Ray Hrynkow, MGDC
Christina Peressini, Creative Director, Disegnostudio
Marga Lopez Orozco
Blair Cox
Paul Maher, MGDC
Louise Timmerman
Matt Warburton, FGDC
Jeffrey D. Smith, BFA, RGD, MGDC
Mark McAllister, Provisional RGD
Judd Cochrane
Jennifer Romita MGDC
R.N. Strong
Michael Surtees BDes, MGDC, GDC ABN President
Bruce Cochrane, AOCA, MGDC
Jamie Lees D’Angelo
Ryan Mayer, MGDC
Sandra Friesen, RGD
Craig Medwyduk
Brent Flink, MGDC
Gonzalo Alatorre
Lornce Lisowski
Chris Lawson
Jessica Reid, GDC Student Member
Jean-S├ębastien Dussault
Richelle Letendre
Laurie Darrah MGDC
Simon Troop MGDC
Carol Hyland MGDC
Rupi Kambo
Kris McKinnon
Scott Laurie
Brenda Sanderson, MGDC
Brad Hardie, MGDC
Jon Whipple, MGDC
Grace Chan, BFA, MGDC
Karen Owens, Art Director, Pravda Design
Keith Martin MGDC
Winston Pei, BA, MA, MGDC
Lisa Hemingway, B.Des., GDC Graduate Member
Sarah Semark
Lorna Williams
Don Eglinski, LGDC



Calling all barristers, solicitors and lawyers to be. Here’s your chance to expand your resume and make your mark on the lululemon line of legal documents. We are looking for both contract and agreement submissions for all of the following items:

1. Supplier contracts
2. Employee agreements
3. Liability contracts
4. Litigation initiation
5. Salary negotiation
6. Vendor agreements

Each document should focus on the following:

– Combining legalese with everyday yuppie language

– Include our logo and name. This can be subtly ingrained in the documents’ fine print

– Justifying the 800% markup on our Olympic sponsored products for yoga, circus, tai chi, pilates and cross training to offset future lawsuits

– For vendor agreements, focus on dismissing the validity of their profession by grouping amateurs and professionals together to maximize the balance of cost vs services – preferably to as close to zero as possible. (i.e. pit a professional against a grade school student and mine their ideas for free.)

Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Simplicity – is not overly difficult to steal and call our own

2. The document has to be shown on an actual piece of paper so we can see placement and size of the paragraphs in relation to the paper (being lawyers, we felt it necessary to point this out)

3. Use of verbage or a combination of legal techniques. If we use your document you will receive a $200 cash reward in addition to having your work come to life on a lululemon contract.

All entries must be submitted by December 1, 2005 to Community Relations at the SSC

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