Stuff That I Liked In 2010 (Links from other Sites)

Clicking around my blog last night I started to notice that I was clicking on some of my favourite Link Drop links. As I was doing that I figured it would make a decent post to add to my “Stuff That I Liked In 2010” series. What surprised me was that there was a lot of posts related to Canada (where I’m from), and there was a heavy dose of sports themes—go figure. This isn’t my final, final list of the year, but a conversation starter for me to reflect on the past year of stuff I posted about.

Early Quora Design Notes

A Statistical Stab at Graffiti

13 video player UIs in 24 hours

Ovechkin Hit on Jagr Animated Gif

Graphing Water Consumption During the Gold Medal Hockey Game (extreme peaks during the intermissions for the bathroom)

CBC Story about Leo Obstbaum, CD of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games who Passed Away Before the Start of the Games

What fantasy sports addicts really know

Human landscapes in SW Florida

Billy Joel On Howard Stern

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  • Matt Daniels

    So glad that you enjoyed the post on fantasy!

    Regarding your other faves, I really enjoyed the Quora post. I’ve been a huge fanboy of the site, but it will be interesting to see if it ever hits mainstream beyond the Internet/Nerd folk.

    I also had thought that Quora was designed to be based off of Stack Overflow–I had no idea that they started from scratch regarding the design.