Looking at Independent Art Books and Fashion Magazines Online

Going through No Layout is sort of like visiting Printed Matter in NYC. Both have a ton of visual things to look at and flip through though the biggest difference of course is one is online while the other has to be experienced in person. A couple days ago Daniel Pianetti of No Layout introduced me to the site via email. I like what they’re trying to do. It’s essentially showing printed books and magazines online as is—it’s not try to repurpose content for online. It’s there to be looked at and discovered. If they weren’t online the chances of me actually finding any of these titles is probably zero. Now that I know about them, if I come across them in person I’m more likely to buy a copy because I’ve already been introduced. The site itself has a couple simple features. A viewer can flip through pages and if they like the title save the issue to their personalized library. The biggest issue is that these artifacts can only be viewed—not read. There’s no way to zoom in to ready the text. They do realize this as it is noted on their Facebook page that they are working on a tool to do just that. If you happen to be bored with what is being published you might want to check out some of the independent titles they’re displaying.

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