Why Flash should not be used for support pages

I have no Internet service from Time Warner & their support page is in flash which doesn't work on an iPad (currently the only way I can access the Internet at the moment)

Over the weekend I discovered why Flash shouldn’t be used for support pages. I’ve been having brutal issues with Time Warner as an internet service provider. My connection is insanely slow and at times just drops. Sunday morning my internet stopped working altogether and hasn’t come back yet. SInce I didn’t have internet service I went to my iPad with 3G to look up the phone number for TIme Warner support. There was a form field that requested my area code to provide the number in my area. The above screen was the result that I saw on my iPad. Because the page response was rendered in Flash I couldn’t get any information. It’s kind of unbelievable that no one thought that maybe Flash shouldn’t be a technical requirement to get to a phone number.

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  • http://twitter.com/felixturner Felix Turner

    It’s also unbelievable that someone would invent a tablet computer that doesn’t support the most used plugin on the internet. Then he would try to convince the world that said plugin is inherently evil, and best of all people would believe him!

    That said – I agree Flash should not be required on the page above 🙂

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Sure, you have a point but I’m also one that does think that Flash if it had been enabled on an iPad would have slowed down the device quite a bit. From what I recall of other tablets that run Flash it hasn’t been a great experience. But keep in mind I’ve never been a huge Flash fan from the beginning…

  • Randy Troppmann

    You should contact Apple Support and ask them why their tablet does not work with the internet. No, I am not being flippant. Well, almost not.

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Randy, have you even tried using Flash on a mobile device over 3G. It’s not pretty and for my example above was used as a cheap cheat instead of thinking about a proper solution.

  • Anthony B

    As developers, most of the industry complains that they have to make their sites work for small percentages of visitors that are using stuff like IE6. But the funny thing is, they are more up in arms over the fact that even a smaller percentage of visitors in most cases are using a device that doesn’t support Flash.