I Wish There Was Search in the Support Section of My iPhone

For the past couple of years I’ve had a really poor experience with earbuds. I’ve gone through a couple sets of AIAIAI’s and Sennheiser’s. That’s four sets of ear buds that stopped working because the jack and wires connected to it disconnected. Not only has that been expensive but it’s also been a time waster getting new one’s. My latest ear buds are from v–moda. The sound is great though I wished the controller on the remote forwarded the music as opposed to being sound controls. Last night before I updated my iOS software my ear buds kept tripping up Voice Control.

Voice Control in theory is a great idea but not when I’m just trying to listen to music. I figured it would be simple enough to go into Settings on my iPhone and disable it. I couldn’t find it—that was the moment when it would have been so much easier to find a lot of stuff buried in Settings if there was a Search function. I’d be able to ignore Apple’s taxonomy and just find stuff that I’m wanting to change. I ended up searching online and couldn’t find much except for community forms that basically suggested that Voice Control is good and it’s my fault that the function is tripping up. Not a lot of help. After reading that I was wondering if I have to return another pair of ear buds that I really don’t want to.

I never was able to find Voice Control with my limited browsing of each section of Settings. I did update my iOS which hasn’t tripped up Voice Control since. I hope that’s the end of it but it would be great in a future update if a Search feature was set up in Settings considering how things are getting dumped in there.

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