My New Flickr Strategy for Taking Images

taking a photo used to be easy

I almost remember a time when taking a photo was an easy thing. Then along came Flickr and all of a sudden I could publish and share stuff around the world. Then came along the iPhone and I could take pictures any time and send them instantly to Flickr. Then along came Twitter and I had the chance to share those instant images that were uploaded on Flickr. Then came along the iPad so all of a sudden I could take high res. images with a better digital camera and push them to Flickr and Twitter. Now I don’t totally trust Yahoo with Flickr which wrecks the flow a bit. I still use Flickr but my work flow is now based on the fact that Flickr as I know it today won’t be the same as tomorrow. Nothing lasts forever, espically with digital. Now I manually drop my image in Dropbox > Photos > Monthly Folder, from there I’ll upload to Flickr via Dropbox. It’s a bit of a pain but spending a day backing up all my Flickr images wasn’t exactly fun either.

One thing that I noticed via a shared public photos Dropbox folder is that there’s an RSS feed attached to it. I’ve subscribed to it through Google Reader to see what happens. Not much yet apparently as things look a bit broken. However I think there’s a ton of potential going on here. If that folder is my place to drop photo files and have the ability to grab and push them out, all of a sudden I can create a pretty meaningful experience. All I have to design it. In theory I could do the same thing with Flickr but who knows where my images will be tomorrow. Uncertainty isn’t something I want to risk with my images.

This doomsday scenario could be a couple years off, and using Dropbox as a publishing tool isn’t a great workflow yet, but it’s worth planning for.

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  • erictabone

    I don’t have one myself – thought have been ogling them for a while – but I hear great things about EyeFi:

  • erictabone

    I don’t have one myself – thought have been ogling them for a while – but I hear great things about EyeFi:

  • michaelsurtees

    Yeah, I’m thinking about getting one of those myself soon too. I saw a great iPad hack with it though I didn’t feel like jailbreaking it. Hopefully there’s an app from them coming soon.

  • Heather Buckley

    Very interesting, here are some reasons why you should use Flickr to publicise your photography, I thought you would find this a useful read.